Really, Jerk Flight Attendant?
Unfortunately, summer is officially over, school has started and back to reality. I took quite a few vacations this summer and I could probably do an entire series on flying alone, but the one I'm starting with is a certain flight attendant I got to experience. Normally, flight attendants I've flown…
Fans Irate Over Bumped Closing Ceremony Performances
Did you sit through the boring over hyped spectacle that was the Closing Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games just to see the The Who and The Kinks only to go to bed disappointed that they got bumped from the prime time coverage? You're not alone.
Joe Walsh to Run for Congress?
Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh has often joked about running for office, announcing a tongue-in-cheek presidential campaign in 1980 and throwing his name in the hat for vice president in 1992. But in a new interview to promote his solo album ‘Analog Man,’ the musician reveals he&Cl…
Bob Dylan Records 14 Minute Song About Titanic
Much like Gordon Lightfoot in 1976 wrote a song about a boat that sunk, a century after the sinking of the RMS Titanic, Bob Dylan has written and recorded a 14 minute song about the doomed ocean liner. What. The. Hell.
The Coolest Prank EVER! [VIDEO]
Are you a prankster? It's not something I do often but ever once in a while I'll come up with a prank worth following through on. This husband pulled a prank on his wife that is so awesome to watch, but let me tell you - if someone tried to pull this on me, I'm not sure they would sur…

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