Really, Lunchroom Massacre?
Tell me this happens at other workplaces besides mine. We had a potluck at my office on Monday and had lots of potato chips and other snacks leftover. By Tuesday afternoon, I walk into our lunchroom and people had all the bags of chips, cookies, etc open on the table.
Really, TV Spoiler?
With our lives becoming busier and busier each day, who has time to watch TV anymore? Luckily, we can rely on our DVR, right? That’s pretty much how a majority of us are now watching TV. We have the luxury of recording it and watching it when we have free time. And we are committed t…
Jimmy Page Book Sells For $1750 At Auction
Vintage Led Zeppelin and related items always fetch a high dollar on the collectors market, but recently a contemporary piece of Jimmy Page memorabilia earned an impressive $1750.00 during an eBay auction.
Genesis Publications are renowned in the publishing world for their lavish, collector’s edition…
Facebook Has A New Organ Donation Tool
Mark Zuckerberg wants to use Facebook to help those languishing at the tail end of organ donation lists.
So, starting today, the close to 200 million Facebook users in the United States and the United Kingdom will have the option to add that they are organ donors on their Facebook timeline.

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