I Had the Worst Valentine’s Day Ever!
I had the worst Valentines Day ever.  I came home with flowers and candy for my wife, only to find a note that she had run off with my best friend.  I don't know what to do.  My heart is empty and broken.  I thought we had something special...
Dear Baxter, Holy Melons, My Wife Rocks!
Check this out.  Ever since I've known my wife, she has talked about getting a nose job. She has always been a little insecure about her rather large nose.  Little by little, I set aside money hoping someday to have enough to pay for her surgery...
Dear Baxter, I’m Not Sure My Wife and I Speak the Same Language.
Dear Baxter,
With Spring right around the corner, I mentioned to my wife that maybe it's time to buy a motorcycle and enjoy the nice weather coming, riding around like I see so many others doing.  She did not like the idea one bit.  For the last month we have argued back and forth and …
Dear Baxter, My Wife Wants a Boob Job for Christmas
Not sure what to do.  Lately, my wife has been hinting that she wants to get a breast enlargement for her Christmas gift.  I checked into it and it's very expensive.  I really like her just the way she is but I want her to be happy...
Dear Baxter, I Slept With My Fiance’s Mother
A couple of years ago, when I was working as a bartender, I hooked up with a very attractive, yet older woman.  It was just one night and I never saw her again.  That is until my fiance took me home to meet her parents.  It was very awkward and I could see the fear in her mothe…
Dear Baxter, I Think I’’m Dating a Nudist
Dear Baxter,
I’'ve never been anyone'’s idea of a prude or conservative, but my girlfriend loves nothing more than to strip off her clothes when she gets home and strut around the place naked. She says it “helps her unwind.” I can respect that but we live in a house on a busy street and som…
Dear Baxter, My Best Friend Thinks I’m a Slut
Dear Baxter,
My best friend told me recently that I am a slut.  Can you believe it?  I am the kind of person that likes to enjoy life.  I date several different guys and I just like to have a good time.  What's wrong with that?
Alicia,   St Cloud, MN 

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