Dear Baxter, My Husband Won’t Cuddle After Sex
Dear Baxter,
I've been married to my husband for over 20 years now and the last 15 years or so, he refuses to cuddle after we make love.  To me this is a very important part of lovemaking and I need that extra closeness.  What's his problem...
Dear Baxter, Sex and Comforting Are Not the Same!
Dear Baxter,
I was upset by something that happened at work last week and when I needed comfort from my boyfriend, he started kissing and undressing me. He always does this! When I had a fight with my sister and was upset about it, the same thing happened...
Ten Steps to a Better Valentine’s Day…According to Her
The annual "Guys Can't Win" holiday is nearly upon us! Have you figured out your wife and/or girlfriend's desires, yet?
Me neither.
First off: if she says, "I don't want anything," IT'S A TRAP!
Navigating the labyrinth that often is a woman's…

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