Guns N’ Roses Concert Review [VIDEO]
Great voice. Smallish crowd. Pyrotechnics. Many, many guitar solos. Lots of running. Some goose bump inducing high points matched with a lot of ballads backed by scenes of flowing water: and it all went on for a long, long time.
Queen Handed Another Award
As of late, Queen seems to be the classic rock band of the moment. The group was handed another award over the weekend and they may be headed for a reunion next year.
Rolling Stone Readers Name Top 10 Metal Bands
Rolling Stone Magazine is known for their infamous reader polls and they recently asked their readers to come up with a list of the Top Ten Greatest Metal Bands Ever. Now, as a rock fan, you’re probably wondering how Rolling Stone readers define the metal genre. Here
Lemmy Kilmister a Winer?
Not sure if Motorhead fans are wine drinkers, but a bottle or two for posterity's sake may look cool on the shelf, but they aren't alone in the rocker wine business.
U2’s Record Setting Show By The Numbers
U2 is just coming off their insanely successful 360 Tour and if you were lucky enough to get tickets, you were a part of history. The tour came to a close Saturday in Canada and it wasn't just U2's biggest tour ever. It just may be THEE biggest tour. Ever. Let's break it down.
Best Rock Album Covers Of All Time – Jenna’s Top 10
Going through my stacks of vinyl the other day, I realized something: Music is becoming a vapor. Album art used to be so important to the artist and buying a record was an experience for the buyer. Now, with the invention of mp3, I feel cover album design is a lost art...

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