Spirits and Hard Liquor

How to Deal With A Hangover At Work
It's the holiday season and that means heavy drinking so you can deal with your relatives. Sometimes, your work life and your drinking life have to cross paths and that means you're hungover at work. Here's how to deal.
Stop What You’re Doing and Help Us Find This Whiskey Now!
This ain't your boss's whiskey. It's not some brownish hooch stashed in the back of a desk. THIS IS PAPPY VAN WINKLE, DAMMIT! This is primo 20 year-old slosh, son. The kind of smooth, barrel-aged whiskey that commands a Grant an ounce in Manhattan watering holes.
Increase Your Productivity at Work: BOOZE IT UP
I've been saying this for a decade. The mamby-pamby wishy-washy tee-totallers are killing workplace camaraderie, and now, according to a 2012 study (that was obviously swept under the radar by their ilk), we find out they're also snuffing out our productivity.

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