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AC/DC Concert Videos Now on iTunes
It may have taken AC/DC a bit longer than most bands to take the digital plunge and get their music up on iTunes, but since then, the band has been making up for lost time. Yesterday (Dec. 19) the band announced that they have uploaded six concert videos to the online retailing giant.
UFO Spotted in St. Cloud
The user-content fueled website; The Mutual UFO Network, contains a report from November 14th that describes a hovering square object, that was "dark and mechanical" that hovered for about 4 minutes over some trees on County Road 8.
Watch The Total Solar Eclipse [VIDEO]
The moon moved between our little blue marble and the fiery behemoth known as Sol earlier today, but because of where we live (and not the cloudy skies) we didn't see a hint of it...
Watch Two Guys in Tesla Coil Suits Battle It Out For Fun
Most of us are familiar with Tesla Coils, the incredible electric devices that arc electricity bolts... but there aren't many daredevils that would put on a Faraday cage-like suit and arc that stuff right through their body... much less battle outside for the thrill of a crowd.

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