2015 Oscars Tap Neil Patrick Harris to Host
If 'Gone Girl' hadn't made it official already, Neil Patrick Harris remains every bit a star of the silver screen as on TV and stage. And so, the 2015 Oscars have followed suit in recruiting the acclaimed personality to host the Academy Awards on ABC this coming February.
Watch Bruce Willis’ Insane Method for Eating Corn
"Summertime! Summertime, people!" Sure, Bruce Willis. We can blame this on it being the summertime.

The actor hit 'The Late Show' last night to ... honestly, we don't even know, but eventually it devolved into Willis eating corn on the cob harmonica-style and getting absolu…
My New Favorite Series Is On PBS (Yes, Really)
From the man that has chosen Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, House of Cards, and Law & Order (the original flavor) as his all-time favorite TV series -- I announce that my new favorite is on PBS (might not be very manly). 'Last Tango in Halifax' is a product of the BBC, and airs Sunday…

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