What Retired TV Show Needs A Reboot? [SURVEY]
We just got word that 90's TV sitcom Roseanne will be getting an 8 episode reboot. Just add that to the list of other classics being picked up by Netflix (including Full House and One Day at a Time). So, which TV show deserves another shot in the spotlight?
Schools Should Have Guns in Case of a Grizzly Attack, Right?
Trumps potential cabinet appointees are getting more ridiculous every day.  Evidently, Trump believes being wealthy qualifies a person for anything.  Anyway, this clip from Jimmy Kimmel last night made me laugh.  How does the saying go, gotta laugh just to keep from crying...
Master Debater’s Drinking Game for Tonight’s Debate
If you are into drinking games and are not steadfast on being conscious for the recap, this might be a great drinking game for tonight's debate.  Simply take a drink every time either candidate says any of the following:                                                                                …

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