New Year, New Underwear?
According to a study, you should throw away your underwear after it's a year old. Apparently, it doesn't matter how often you launder it after a year, it can still be full of bacteria that can cause things like E coli, etc.  The last place you want these infections is down around the …
My Dog Astro Loves the Treadmill
Everyone always says they have a pretty smart dog. My dog Astro amazes me every day. His latest thing is standing on the treadmill and beaconing us to turn it on for him. I'm not kidding, he goes about 2 miles at 5.5 mph. When he's done he just jumps off...
Move the Deer Crossing Signs to Safer Spots?
The story online today about the deputy hitting a deer at 100 MPH reminded me of this call to a radio station years ago. Either this is a set up or this woman has eaten a lot of lead paint chips off the windowsill.
Bizarre Things People Have Done Drunk
It’s safe to say that most people have some ridiculous stories of the crazy things they’ve done after having a few too many. But would you be willing to share those tales with total strangers?

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