UNDATED - Thankfully, there’s no snow in the forecast.  However, that wasn’t the case for Halloween several years ago.

It’s been 25 years now since the great Halloween blizzard of 1991.  National Weather Service officials say the snow started to fall in the upper Midwest in the afternoon that Halloween day, and it just kept coming for three days, finally ending on November 2nd.

The frightening snowstorm dumped nearly 37 inches of snow on Duluth, Minneapolis had over 28 inches, and here in St. Cloud we officially had just over 13 inches of snow.

Eleven counties in southern Minnesota were declared disaster areas, due to an ice storm.  At least 20,000 people in Minnesota lost power.  Governor Arne Carlson declared a state of emergency and called out the National Guard in some counties.  And at least 20 people in Minnesota died due to traffic crashes, or heart attacks from digging out after the storm.

Unbelievably, a warm stretch in mid-November melted nearly all of the snow from that storm.