This year's Super Bowl was a departure for me.

A) I wasn't in a bar

B) I didn't get hammered

C) I didn't gorge myself on junk food

Now that the family finally has a big-screen TV (albeit an older one...hey, it was free!), I stayed home for the big game. And since I'm in the middle of The Biggest Loser with Rejuv, I have to stay away from junk food.

So what was on the menu for yesterday's chow down? Hummus.

The family made our first trip to Aldi in Baxter, and found a hummus variety pack. BOOM!

Add to that garlic & hummus chips and baby carrots, and I was set!

It was delicious, healthy food (that I still ate too much of, old habits...), and I felt fine this morning...if a little tired from staying up to watch the entire game and waking up at the usual 3am this morning.

As for the alcohol...I go for quality over quantity nowadays. 1 oz (a shot) of Johnnie Walker Black Label, neat. Of course, I sip with a pinkie in the air.

Hummus & garlic and scotch...possibly my signature cologne. Eau de Choad!