Hope you're thirsty because here comes the juice train hauling 550,000 gallons of Tropicana orange juice which is enough juice to fill a glass for everyone in New York City.

The train in this video is running from Bradenton,Florida to Jersey City, New Jersey (through elapsed time) is there in 156 seconds, whoa nelly once you blink you're at your destination.

The train has attached 2 GE Evolution Series Locomotives, 45 refrigerated cars, the on-board  performance data is recorded every five seconds, there's five different crew changes along the way

The train runs five times a week, rain or shine at approximately 45 - 60 mph. The route takes the train from Florida up to North Carolina then through Virginia, to D.C. to Pennsylvania and finally into New Jersey.

The train covers 1,221 miles and it takes 47.8 hours from point A to point B.

Don't blink you'll miss the sites, enjoy your juice.