Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer has been hard at work on his debut solo effort. Check it out. 

In an interview with, Tom Keifer reveled a tune called The Flower Song which Tom says is "about how unbelievable it is that you're able to find that one person that's perfect for you." It's a nice little love song just in time for Valentine's Day and it's told from the guy's point of view, but Tom says that it's "true for both men and women: When you find that one person, it's a miracle."

Tom teamed up with former Survivor singer Jim Peterik to write The Flower Song. Jim is most famous for writing the song Vehicle by Ides of March and he also wrote Survivor's number one smash hit Eye of the Tiger for Rocky III. Jim has also written songs for .38 Special and Sammy Hagar, so he's no slouch when it comes to song writing.

Tom Keifer's debut solo album, "The Way Life Goes," will hit store shelves on April 30th.