ST. CLOUD - Husky fans can now enjoy a beer or a glass of wine at the men's hockey games this year.  The St. Cloud City Council has approved an application to sell wine and 3.2 beer at all of the St. Cloud State University athletic facilities, and the adjacent properties.  The application was applied for by Chartwells, which is the food and beverage provider for St. Cloud State University.

Councilwoman Carol Lewis says she's not happy with the plan to be able to allow alcohol sales at all athletic facilities.  She says she thought the original plan was to just sell at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center, and would prefer starting with just that one facility.

Councilman Jeff Johnson asked about policing the sales, and making sure there were no underage drinkers.  He also says beer and wine sales now seem like a backward step, after the university cancelled Homecoming a few years ago.

Council President Jeff Goerger says he thinks it's a step in the right direction, and doesn't see it being an issue.

The approval of the liquor licenses passed on a 5-2 vote, with Lewis and Johnson voting "no".

Athletic Director Heather Weems says while the license allows them to sell beer and wine at all athletic facilities, and adjacent parking lots, their main focus this year will be at the men's hockey games.

An example of a special event where beer will be available would be at this Saturday's "Celebrate St. Cloud State" football game there will be a beer tent.

Weems says everyone who buys alcohol will have to wear a wristband, it will be sold at separate stands, it will not be allowed in the student section.

Weems says they expect to make some money off the sales, but increased ticket sales may be the biggest revenue generator.

The cost for a wine license is $500, and the cost for a 3.2 beer license is $300.

Earlier this year the Minnesota State Legislature approved a special law that would allow the city to issue liquor licenses to SCSU.  The city council approved the special law at its August 8th meeting.

SCSU did a test of the plan during the men's hockey season last year, selling beer and wine at two home hockey games, under a temporarily license.