It has taken almost two years, but the family of the late Clarence Clemmons has filed suit in relation to his death.

Clarence Clemmons' brother William had filed a malpractice suit last year and it just now got the OK to go to a jury.

The family is suing saying that Clarence was told to stop taking his medication prior to surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome and was not given his needed blood thinners during or after the procedure; which they believe led to the stroke.

Clarence's widow Victoria told Rolling Stone Magazine that Clarence lost the feeling in his thumb and index finger and was really concerned as to how that was going to affect his sax playing. That's why he was having the surgery. I also think it's odd that even though Clarence didn't have cancer, he was treated at Palm Beach Cancer Center.

The suit that the family has filed is against the center and three other doctors, but not the doctor that operated on Clarence's hand. Clarence died on June 18, 2011, six days after having a massive stroke. His nephew Jake Clemmons has taken over sax duties for the E Street Band.

Watch Victoria's sweet tribute to Clarence.