The Big Man suffered a stroke Sunday, but the good news is "trickling in" according to Rolling Stone. What happened, how he's doing and where his career path almost took him. 


No official statement has been released, but according to Rolling Stone Magazine, E Street Band saxophonist, Clarence Clemons suffered a stroke Sunday night at his home in Florida and was reportedly listed as seriously ill.

The Bruce Springsteen Fanzine Backstreets is citing a "close friend" of The Big Man saying his condition is improving and he is showing some signs of recovery. The "close friend" says at first, Clemons's left side was paralyzed, but he is squeezing with his left hand, his vital signs are improving and he seems to understand when people are talking to him. They add that the next five days will be critical, but he is fighting.

Clemons almost didn't become a sax player. He was supposed to play football for Cleveland, but was involved in a car accident that ended his football career. He says that you have to "play the hand you're dealt". He explains that he never wanted to be a rock star. He just loved playing sax and met Bruce Springsteen shortly after the accident. The rest, they say is history.

In recent years, Clemons has suffered a number of health related problems and has had knee, back and hip surgeries., but said in an interview with Rolling Stone in February that he feels good and will continue to play until he is "no longer".

If you're the praying type, please say one for The Big Man. I can't imagine listening to a Springsteen record without Clemons on the sax.