Procol Harum, YouTube

I'm going to take you back several years now to 1958 with the song, "Purple People Eaters" by Sheb Wooley, it was a huge hit but if you think you're going to hear it on a classic rock station today, why(?) it's antique not classic.

The past "classic" rock pages here are my thoughts, universally all classic rock stations define "classic" rock how they see fit as you and I do especially when it comes down to the time frame.

I like to think of AOR was heard on at the time underground and alternative type stations as they were first to populate FM radio.

You will, however; know it when you hear it based strictly on listening to it, learning it, sharing it with friends or whoever by discussion (we all love to chat about about classic rock bands, right?).

Can you still hear it on the radio and find it in the record store or even online?

Broken Barricades LP, YouTube

I'll give you an example of a song you probably won't hear on classic rock radio and it's a gem. The song from a band that was the father of symphonic rock, 'Procol Harum'. The band has a very large catalog yet only three of their songs ever charted (U.S.). The song is from their 'Broken Barricades' album from 1971.




Below is a good taste of AOR (Album Oriented Rock):

Procol Harum, "Power Failure":

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