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How to determine for yourself if you think a particular song is or isn't classic rock, try this formula and see if it works for you.

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  •  When it was recorded - within the past 15- 20 years (a good time span) then I would say it hasn't been around long enough to fall in the classic rock category. Two things, it doesn't matter how big the hit or the band or artist that recorded it. I'm not saying that's the law, even a song recorded 40 years ago isn't in the guaranteed classic rock group either.
  • How big was the hit? - I like a lot of listeners have personal favorites yet to at least qualify as "classic" let's just say a several million would have to find it a favorite as well.
  • Who recorded it? - this is definitely part of the equation but I would have to say the bottom line is, say it would have to be a particular album and one to two songs were widely accepted. The artist or group isn't always the case where they fall into the "classic" rock category.




Hope this isn't overly confusing for you, essentially you and I could define "classic" rock our own way, maybe anything mainstream?

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Below is a good taste of AOR (Album oriented Rock):

Traffic, "Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys":