At one point I always thought it was the artist but come to find out that's not necessarily a guaranteed thing.

Many rock albums came out in the 70's, I have many of them believe me but going back and listening to them I found not everything works in the classic rock format.

Another question may arise is it because it gets airplay and sales ? I don't think it's exclusive to that, perfect example is The Knack's "My Sharona". That song just happened to be the top selling single in the year 1979, in fact; the album went Platinum in less than two months. Two more albums later they went down hill, disbanded early '80's.

Led Zeppelin, You Tube

How about the theme of the lyric's or musical style? Then again I think not, The Beatles and say Led Zeppelin didn't really perform the same kind of music yet both recorded classic rock albums and very different music style's.

The Beatles, YouTube






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The Knack , - "My Sharona":