Going to take you back to 1972, a great era in music that produced a powerhouse of a band, 'Deep Purple'.

Oddly enough the recordings for an album of their tour in Japan in 1972 was was to be released only in Japan and just for the record the band or it's label (Warner Bros.) were overly crazy about the potential sales of 'Live' recordings.


Despite all that the album was released in the United States in 1973 and sold roughly a Million copies in two weeks time after it's release.




The 'Music Milestones Made in Japan' is a documentary movie review of the album, 'Made In Japan' with loads of good stuff to help you re-live their encounters of that year in music.


The Track list is as follows :

1. Highway Star

2. Child in Time

3. Mule

4. Space Truckin'

5. Black

6. Knight

7. When a Blind Man Cries

8. Woman from Tokyo

9. Lazy

10. Speed King

11. Hush

12. Mandrake Root

The attached video is good with Deep Purple Rock Milestones/Made In Japan Part 1

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