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'New' is Paul's 16th solo album and he says, "The record is very varied", speaking of which the album has four producers.

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One might remember George Martin(considered one of the best record producers of all time) and his extensive involvement with The Beatles, but his George's son, Giles is one of the producers on the 'New' album, in fact; produced most of the tracks on it.

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Track List:

  • "Save Us'
  • "Alligator"
  • "On My Way To Work"
  • "Queenie Eye"
  • "New"
  • "Appreciate"
  • "Everybody Out There"
  • "Hosanna"
  • "I Can Bet"
  • "Look At Her"
  • "Road"
  • "Turned Out"
  • "Get Me Out Of Here"


Available on CD and Vinyl LP, released October 15th, 2013.

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Paul McCartney performing, "New"  (Impromptu Acoustic performance):