In the late 60's Creedence was on the road so much if you blinked you'd miss them, hence the the song, "Travelin' Band."

When I think about it CCR actually pretty busy on the road in the early 70's as well.

It doesn't really surprise me much with all the activity they had on the road that John Fogerty would have more than one song about life on the road.

"Travelin' Band" kind of brings out the sound of the 50's style of rock. Like a lot of songs of being on the road in a rigorous manner, one gets the idea of all the lost luggage from endless airline travel and throw in the unruly crowds and bingo you have, "Travelin' Band."

"Listen to the radio, talkin' about the  last show,
Someone got excited, had to call the state militia,
Wanna move.
Playin' in a travelin' band, yeah.
Well, I'm flyin' across the land, tryn' to get a hand,
Playn' in a travelin' band."

On 'Cosmo's Factory' released 1970.

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Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Travelin' Band":