UPDATE: Several media outlets are reporting Stephen Colbert's show was suspended this week because his mother is seriously ill.  Details are not known and the Colbert family is very private.  But according to the Huffington Post,

...a person who has a business relationship with the show has told Huffington Post that the host's mother is seriously ill, and the show will remain suspended until he can return."

HuffPost says Colbert is the youngest of 11 children born to Lorna and James Colbert.  Lorna is 91. James Colbert died in a 1974 plane accident.

I thought there was something fishy going on last night as my 'Moment of Zen' from The Daily Show concluded. I WAS seeing a re-run of The Colbert Report. Something was amiss. Both shows just returned this past Monday from a week 'hiatus' (vacations). Just in time as well, since the Republican nomination race is taking a 'right' turn with the sudden popularity of Rick Santorum and the untimely death of Whitney Houston.

So far nothing official has come from the Comedy Central camp, save a few mysterious and ambiguous emails and press releases. One of the would-be Colbert Report attendees posted this quizzical email from the network on twitpic-

Claire Danes and Susan Cain, booked for shows on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, were bumped. It's possible Stephen may be sick, but the show has carried on despite a broken wrist, a cut on his nose and a bout of the flu.

But I have other theories...

First on my list would be to suspect foul-play perpetrated by Jimmy Fallon. Stephen has been railing on Jimmy for 6 months concerning their respective Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream flavors. This past Monday, Stephen wrote an apology letter to Fallon, and extended his hand in a truce. I wouldn't put it past Fallon's Secret Society of Ninjas to 'execute' a plan to silence poor Stephen.

Next would be the after-effects of contracting Lin-sanity. He claimed to be overwhelmed by the excitement surrounding Jeremy Lin.

Lastly, he could still be in bed shagging his usual Valentines hookers.