Sounds like Gregg Allman may be the latest rocker to write his memoir. Is he really "No Angel?" 

It was released over the weekend via the Hollywood Reporter that Gregg Allman is writing his memoir and in it he will give an "unflinching" look at his life.

The Allman Brothers founder admits that he has wanted to write a book for a while and now seemed to be the right time. Allman figured that he would play in a band for a few years, save up some money and then go to med school. Well, we all know that Dr. Gregg Allman never happened, but Gregg Allman, rock legend did.

He says he will take readers through 40 years of rock n' roll and tell the story of everything including his brother's death, Cher and his liver transplant last year.

Last week it was announced that Pete Townshend would be the latest to tell his tale. Allman's book is slated for release sometime in 2012.