Drummer John Densmore of The Doors is dropping some big hints that the old band may be getting back together. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, John Densmore of The Doors said that he wouldn't rule out getting back together with Ray Manzerek and Robby Krieger.

John says that the issues and differences that had kept the band apart for the last ten years is water under the bridge and they're fine leaving it in the past and moving on. He says the trio have rekindled their relationship and they would, "get together for a one-off if there's a good reason." The "good reason" wouldn't be for the money. He says the group would do it for a non profit cause or raising money for a charity.

The issues that plagued the band in the past were all resolved in court and were to protect the authenticity of the band and integrity of their work. He has no problem with either Robby or Ray performing The Doors' music, so long as they aren't claiming it to be The Doors or selling it for advertising purposes because he doesn't want it to seem like the members are, "cashing in."

John's book The Doors: Unhinged is on sale now.

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