The Twins are 37-49 this season and are in danger of losing 90-plus game again this season.  Ron Gardenhire won 6 AL Central Division Titles including 3 straight from 2002-2004.  The last 3 seasons the Twins are a combined record of 166-244, a .404 winning percentage.  The Twins lost 99 games in 2011, and 96 in 2012.

The Twins have changed from Bill Smith to Terry Ryan at General Manager and the minor leagues appear to be in better shape than they were just 2 years ago.  Should Gardy and Rick Anderson be held accountable for the lack of success the last 2-plus seasons or should the front office be blamed?  It is rare when a Manager is allowed to lose 90-games games back to back seasons and keep their job but may be unheard of for a Manager to keep their job after losing 90-plus 3 straight years.

It's July and the Twins could show improvement in the final 2-plus months but it's doubtful that we'll see much of an improvement.  Patience is often not preached in sports but with the current Twins situation it might be.  I personally haven't decided whether Gardy should go but past history would tell us if he loses 96 or more he better update his resume.