I've gotten into some pretty heated discussions over certain things I'm passionate about and I'm passionate about music, but I can't say I've ever been jailed over it. That's not so for this couple. 

Eddie Van Halen is so incredibly talented and he plays so fast, it's blinding. I love pretty much everything Slash does. From Guns n' Roses to Velvet Revolver to his other stuff with Myles Kennedy. He's great. But an argument over who is the greatest rock guitarist ever ended with a couple in Ohio going to jail over it.

The argument is pointless because everyone has their own opinion, but he was adamant that Slash was the greatest. She disagreed, saying that Eddie Van Halen was the greatest. The argument got so loud and so vicious that others at the motel where they were staying called the police.

The cops must have disagreed with both of them because the couple ended up going to jail. By the way, fight all you want, but everyone knows that Jimmy Page is the greatest rock guitarist. Period.