A good rule of thumb is try and not plan a date on a Monday and I'll tell you why.I used to do a lot of dating from various dating websites and found some to a lot better than others. The good ones do a lot of research of dating and have great tips to think about before diving into the dating pool.


I would have to say from experience that I found Match.com to be right up as the one of the best. Right when you log in they on the front recommended dating tips and ideas.

They suggest not dating on a Monday because your chances of getting stood up are pretty great. I say this in a way not to scare you but the first day after the weekend one runs into work commitments, illness, hitting the gym, and sad but true getting a better offer. This can really hurt especially if you're really into that person.

The best day for the most part is a Saturday. It's the most popular night of the week for dating and you're least likely to get stood up/cancelled.

Good luck!