Yes. It's written correctly- Daylight SAVING Time. NOT SAVINGS! There is no "S". It's been one of my life-long missions to correct the millions of people who say it wrong.

We do it twice a year. Fiddle with our clocks. It's an antiquated concept that is supposed to give us more daylight in the summer months and decrease the energy we use at the same time. Implemented in 1918, the practice remained unchanged for nearly ninety years, until 2007 when a small group of idiots convinced a bigger bunch of idiots (Congress) to actually EXTEND IT!

For the most part, you can blame HALLOWEEN for the change. The best conspiracy theory asserts the all-powerful candy lobby got this attached to the Energy Policy Act in 2005, because they believed it would spur more candy sales (what?). But The Fed spokesfolks claim it had everything to do with extending the daylight on Halloween so fewer kids would be hurt and killed.

But as you'll understand after watching the video below, it doesn't make much sense. As we all know, we can't change the 'amount' of daylight, because interstellar physics can't be altered by mere humans manipulating a clock... AND according to some studies, the amount of energy saved works out to be around 4 bucks a year per household. In fact, according the video, it's probably doing more harm than good.

Truly, I can only think of one good thing that comes out of changing back in the Fall: You get one more hour before the bar closes.

At any rate, it's still in effect beginning at 2am. So don't forget to move your clock back one hour before you go to bed tonight.