When I go out to eat I like to be a fun experience, believe it or not a lot of that has to do with presentation and it's no different for cocktails so dazzle it with a garnish.

I enjoy an ice cold lager and i usually garnish that with jalapenos. It adds a little zing to the drink at the same time the beer mellows out the peppers.

Some other great garnishes are:

Matt King/Getty Images
  • ripe black, white or red cherries still on the stem. Hang them over the edge of your glass of creamy or fruity drink.
  • nothing beats citrus, lemon, lime or maybe an orange slice. It's refreshing
  •  small leaves from top of a pineapple, slit in half at the bottom end, place on the rim of a glass. A wedge of pineapple on the rim
  • ice-cube trays half-full of water with herb leaves, citrus-slice segments, edible flowers in each cube and freeze
  • a coconut curl over the rim is a nice garnish for any tropical drink
  • you can frost your rim by coating it with lemon or lime and dip rim into salt or sugar
  • firm, fresh strawberry half (keep the leaves on it), slice in middle place on rim
  • melon balls placed on a cocktail stick in your drink
  • unpeeled Lebanese cucumber, refreshing and also use as a stir stick
  • cool idea: cut a thin slice of pear and cut a slit in the middle and place a mint sprig in the pear
  • a citrus peel is always a nice garnish for almost any drink (works great if peeled in a spiral).

Have fun with those great garnish ideas.