It's a discussion that permeates through classic rock music lovers over beers and copious amounts of weed; What If? What if Jimi Hendrix had not died? What would Jim Morrison be doing now if he hadn't gone under? Could Janis still sing like a sonuvbitch today if she hadn't OD'd?

Those answers will never come, but thanks to a collaborative effort between Sachs Media Group and photo restoration and manipulation company Phojoe, we can at least get a glimpse into what they may have looked like today The Sachs Media Group website explains;

It is a heartfelt tribute to the memory of beloved artists who helped shape generations of music fans, in order to keep their memory alive for future generations.

Accompanying the images on the website are analysis from two prominent musicologists; Dr. Reebee Garofalo, and Elijah Wald. Garofalo is a professor of Community Media and Technology at the University of Massachusetts Boston and an internationally known scholar of popular music studies. Wald is a musician and frequent writer about music, including more than ten years as world music writer for the Boston Globe.


The images are haunting, and will no doubt inspire another round of What If's? among your friends. You can see more of the gallery and the interesting analysis here.