abstract Baxter

Dear Baxter,

My fiancé is the world’s biggest hypochondriac and he’s constantly complaining about one minor ailment or another. I’ve had migraine headaches my entire life, which is a legitimate health issue and you don’t hear me complaining. Not only does he show me little sympathy but he bitches every time he gets the sniffles. How about some compassion for someone else for a change!


Meredith   Sartell

Hey Meredith,

I had a friend with the same problem, recently.  Here's what you do.  Whenever he has the sniffles, you have a ruptured appendix.  When he has a sore throat, you are having a stroke.  If he has a headache, you have a brain tumor. Get the picture?  He will tire of this in time and shut the hell up.  Hope this helps.


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