Not sure what to do.  Lately, my wife has been hinting that she wants to get a breast enlargement for her Christmas gift.  I checked into it and it's very expensive.  I really like her just the way she is but I want her to be happy.  Any suggestions?


JB     Sartell, MN

Hey JB,

You're right about the expensive part.  It's not only the surgery that will set you back. Have you considered she will most likely want an entire new wardrobe?  Ask her if she'd consider just having one done and see how she likes it.  I don't want to alarm you, but most women I've known that have had the surgery, within a year, have packed up and left with their newfound self esteem.  If you go ahead with this, I'd have a legal document drawn up that states the implants belong to you and you reserve the right to take said boobs back, should she leave.  Hope this helps.



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