Def Leppard say that they are re-recording their old hits to "screw over" their old record label. What's going on?

The band is releasing two new singles very soon and singer Joe Elliott says that they're not remasters, but rather that they are "forgeries" of the old songs in an attempt to regain control of their catalog.

Be prepared to hear Def Leppard's "new" songs Rock of Ages and Pour Some Sugar on Me because Joe tells Billboard they are "at loggerheads" with Universal over payments for royalties. Joe explains that Universal can't do anything with their music without their permission, so they will be telling the label no for anything and everything they are asking to do with their music.

In the mean time, they're reworking all of their songs and making exact replicas so they can do what they want to do with it. Pour Some Sugar on Me 2012 and Rock of Ages 2012 are the first songs you'll be able to check out when they become available for download Wednesday.