Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is one of New York's most eligible bachelors since his split with Minka Kelly last spring, and he is taking full advantage of the single life. Jeter is even nice enough to send his overnight guests home with a parting gift.

There seems to be a non-stop rotation of women in Derek Jeter's life (or at least in his bedroom) and he is so considerate of these women that he sends them home with Derek Jeter memorabilia to remember him by. When the sun comes up on the one night stand Derek gets his lady a car to take her home and inside is a basket full of autographed Jeter merchandise. Usually the basket includes signed baseballs, bats, and some form of apparel.

Well isn't that just the sweetest thing. But what happens if you take a girl home that you have previously rendezvoused with? Well if you are Derek Jeter, you don't remember her from the first time and send her home with the same package she got a few months earlier.  Yes I'm serious, that's how original this guy is. There was a girl who slept with Jeter last summer, received the ride home and parting gift, and didn't speak to him again - until last week. The woman went home with Jeter for the second time and he had no idea he had already been with her once before. The next morning she got the ride home, and the identical parting gift. Classy Mr. Jeter, real classy.