Rumor has it Robert Plant is speaking out saying that Led Zeppelin was this close to reuniting last year for the Hurricane Sandy benefit and we have two presidents to thank for it.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, former President Bill Clinton stepped in to try and broker a deal to try and get the members of Led Zeppelin together to play a one off gig at the 12 12 12 Benefit Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief, but it was not meant to be, so he asked President Barack Obama to try and he also failed.

Harvey Weinstein admitted at the premiere of the 12 12 12 Concert documentary that Robert Plant wanted to do it, but that Jimmy Page said no. Harvey said, "We get an OK from Plant if Page will do it...Jimmy Page didn't want to do it."

However, the same week, Robert Plant told Guitar World Magazine that he's open to suggestion and he's not busy in 2014.