The rumor mill is churning with a report that someone tried to bribe Axl Rose not to sign a record deal with Guns n' Roses.

According to record producer Kim Fowley, before Guns n' Roses hit it big and signed a record deal with Geffen, word on the street is that someone tried to bribe Axl Rose to leave the band and join a different band that was looking for a lead singer.

Obviously, Axl turned it down and he supposedly said, "That's not enough" and he knew that Guns n' Roses is "going to be bigger than that." Kim says he felt Axl was the only musician, "who knew exactly how valuable he was, and how not to panic because that's a lot of money for anyone and he just wasn't interested."

Axl hasn't come out and said one way or the other, but I'm not holding my breath for a response. I think I can speak for many fans who are glad that Axl turned the cash down, but are disappointed that it has disintegrated into what is being called Guns n' Roses today.