Driving to work this morning, I noticed a couple of 'sun dogs' on either side of the sun. This occurrence is pretty rare. We see sun dogs frequently, but usually only one at a time, on the right or left of the sun. But today? One on each side.

I had to snap a pic of them. The image doesn't really do them justice, as they looked MUCH bigger and the rainbow colors they created were much more intense than shown here.

If you were wondering what they were, sun dogs are created when there are ice crystals suspended in the air, as the light of the sun refracts through them, causing  upright rainbows or bursts of red on the side or as in this case both sides of the sun. You can read the complete description here.

What I found particularly cool was the sort of flare of crystals off the middle, almost creating a comet-like tail on both.