If you're like me and are a huge fan of the AMC series like Mad Men, Hell On Wheels, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead, you're probably giddy about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. HOWEVER, if you're also like me and made the horrific mistake of switching your TV provider to DISH Network a few years ago, then you're also as pissed-off as I am.

This past Summer (June 30th to be exact) DISH decided they would act like a 7 year-old school girl and permanently removed the AMC-related channels from it's line-up. It all stems from a petty dispute with AMC that analysts say DISH will lose in the court systemsSo to retaliate, they dumped one of my favorite channels. In fact, other than FX, HBO, Showtime and the occasional national broadcast network, AMC is pretty much all I watch on TV. Their original series are so good, I'll re-watch them on Netflix, which is something I don't do frequently with TV series.


In the past few weeks, I've had several friends ask me if I'm going to watch the Season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 14th, which pretty much makes me want to shoot them in the head, because I know they'll be watching. But just this morning AMC came to my rescue, guns blazing.


In my email, (and I subscribe to all the email newsletters for my shows) was an invite from AMC to stream the premiere on my computer this Sunday night! Apparently they did this with Breaking Bad's Season 5 premiere, too, but I must have missed that email (Grrr).

I thought I would pass on the good news to you, if, like me, you've been left wandering in the post-apocalyptic barren wilderness of DISH Network TV. Here's the link to hook yourself up with the stream next Sunday night. BUT you'll need to verify that you're a DISH customer.

And as if you need to be prodded even further, here's the teaser for Season 3. You can see even more here.