Honestly a guy could use a woman's touch to help me decorate the museum I live in called an apartment.

This is the nightmare when you have to move things from a house to an apartment. The nightmare: NO ROOM!


Got everything in the apartment, but know where to put stuff is the key. Boxes galore and they're everywhere. Part of going through a divorce and having to re-adjust your life. They are never any fun but if it wasn't meant to be, so be it. Move forward right?

So now comes the unpacking and placement of stuff and I'll tell you not a lot of room. I do have a friend offering a garage for a storage unit which will come in handy.



In the meantime I have my work cut out for me having to weed through all those boxes. There was a lot more before I posted this article but I have been throwing stuff away like crazy.


So I pick up my stuff in Spencer a small town in Iowa, a place where's there's really not a lot to offer except a Walmart, The Sports Page my favorite hangout, I have some dear friends that manage the place, the best to them and the yearly county fair. Leaving behind some dear friends, wish them well!

I picked up a Uhaul trailer down there and got it loaded and had to dive back in the major down pour so bad you couldn't see the road. I was swerving all over the place between that and the wind. I made it back to Sartell okay which was a blessing.

Now the big task of getting back to having a place i can walk around in and breathe. What a mess as you witnessed in the video.