Sometimes I've gotten so drunk I swore God was talking to me. Turns out it was my friends just making sure I wasn't dead. Now, I came across a few more facts that prove religion and beer go together like ketchup and mustard.

Beer and religion have a long and storied history together. Here are some interesting facts about beer and religion.

Before Moses received the Ten Commandments on top of Mount Sinai, the ancient Sumerians also wrote on tablets, but it was the commandments about how to brew beer. It's a fact that the oldest recorded recipe in the world is for beer. The Sumerians wrote their recipe on a clay tablet that's about four thousand years old.

Even monks got in on the action. In 1700's Germany, Paulaner monks needed something to help them get through a 40 day Lenten fast, so they created Doppelbock which is a very malty and heavy beer that they lived on for the whole fast. By the way, it's still around today.

Arthur Guinness created his namesake brew because he was a devout Christian and didn't want people getting drunk on hard liquor, so in 1759, he started brewing up his Guinness stout. Speaking of Christians, the Greenbelt Festival in London is a Christian music and arts festival and they have a beer tent there where festival goers can hang out, drink beer and sing hymns.