Mott the What? Yeah, remember those guys?

I bought a Mott the Hoople shirt off ebay about 10 years ago and it was hard to get the guy to hand it over because he called himself an “enthusiast” of the band and singer Ian Hunter says that it’s “astonishing” that people are still interested in the band.

In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine he says he doesn’t get “why people are so passionate about the band more than 30 years after they split up.” Nostalgic things are having a good time right now and he said that when the group did their 40th anniversary tour in 2009, it was “magic” and what “people had wanted for all those years.” Even after all this time, he adds that hanging out with his former band mates they “have an absolute scream”.

Mott the Hoople launched a five date tour of the UK Monday night. Mick Ralphs, Ian Hunter, Verden Allen and Overend Watts were all on hand.