According to one survey, the answer is a resounding yes, the Beatles do in fact rule all.

The Public Policy Polling Survey came back with over 75 percent of voters in the survey saying that the Beatles are the best. That's the highest positive return on the survey out of all of the categories.

The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley and Rolling Stones all fell in line behind the Fab Four in the survey's Music Icons section. While all of them are iconic, I'd place the Stones ahead of the Beach Boys by a country mile. Not that the Beach Boys aren't great, but if I have to hear Little Deuce Coupe one more time, I'm going to vomit.

Also making the Music Icons list were Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain and Madonna.

So, what was the best decade for music?

According to PPP survey respondents, the 1960's were the best decade for music, and I would agree with that. The 60's were responsible for the British Invasion that included not just the Beatles and the Stones, but the Animals, the Hollies, the Who, Yardbirds, Manfred Mann, Moody Blues and countless others.

The 70's came in second and the 70's were good. We can thank the 70's for Queen, Pink Floyd (yes, I know PF's first record was in 1967, but it was The Dark Side of the Moon that put them on the map), Ramones and Van Halen. Heavy metal bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath came into their own in the 70's, but the 70's were also responsible for bell bottoms and disco music. Ugh.

PPP respondents ranked the 50's, 80's and 90's in third fourth and fifth, respectively.

If you took this survey, what would you say?