The home explosion in Big Lake yesterday was awful to read about and scary to think that in a split second you could have caused an explosion. This is a must see.

If doesn't take much to cause a natural gas explosion in your house. Natural gas has a distinctive "rotten egg" smell for a reason - it's normally a gas that doesn't smell. The smell is added to the gas to allow for smell detection of it's presence.

Most of us know the basics of what to do if we smell gas in our home, but what if your child comes home and doesn't know what the smell means? Have you sat with them to explain the safety procedure for a gas leak? Most people don't think of this.

A small spark from a door latch, or even static electricity can ignite a natural gas leak. As winter comes, the air is dry and the chances of this are higher. Educate everybody in your home now - to ensure a higher chance of surviving a gas leak in your home.