Back in the day one could have an intelligent conversation with the kids but today seems everything is condensed to pure slang.

Parents looking for a way to fit in, now's your chance by learning the current slang to get in the groove while conversing with your kids.

  • Turn Up: If there's a party going on best turn up
  • TBT: used a lot on FB, Intstagram etc... as Throwback Thursday but the new meaning is "remember when"
  • Grind: a very tiresome task like chores or studying
  • Chirped: used when one gets busted for something they're doing something wrong
  • Mupload: that ish, you're basically stating "Upload {s-word} to FB
  • Swerve: to emphasize a statement, "Going to the movie, oh swerve dat?"
  • Dat: "I want dat!"
  • Fam: pretty simple here, the family
  • Mad: "give me an amen, dat is mad good!"
  • "Can I get an Amen?" - something awesome
  • Kk: = Okay
  • Turnt: to get get really messed up

The dictionary is probably growing as we speak, but hopefully this will give you a kick start, especially when in an ear shot of the kids speaking slang.

"Gnome saying?"


Rick D'Elia (comedian) "I'm too old for this sh.."