It seems fitting that this new revelation about facial hair comes out during the MOVEMBER campaign, when a lot of us guys are leaving the stache to grow through the month to support the cause for testicular/prostate cancer.  

This study says having facial hair, specifically a beard, actually has health benefits.  I realize that just have a mustache does not constitute a beard, but who cares, this is just more reason to rock a full beard after the month of November.

1. It helps with allergies - Your stache and/or beard will filter our pollen before it gets to your nose.  It also saves food nicely for later consumption.

2. It lowers your risk of skin cancer - Your manly beard can actually block 95% of U.V. rays.  NICE!

3. It helps you stay moisturized - This is a big one, ya know cause guys care.  HAHA.  Whether you care or not your lumberjack beard produces a natural oil that keeps it from drying out and your beard prevents you from rubbing it off.  Now that the winter months are creeping this is even better news since the air is less moist.   I love that word, moist.

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