We tackled this topic yesterday on the Loon Morning show, whether we (Lucy and I) would actually look better after having one drink.  A new study says that after just one drink people actually look better but, there is a downside though.  

The downside to this study (at least for me) is that you only look good after one drink and the more you drink the faster your good looks get flushed down the toilet.  This study had 40 people take a sober pic then proceed to drink, taking pics after each drink.

A different group then were asked to rate the drinkers on how attractive they found each of the groups pics. Nobody really knows why people are more attractive after a single drink, but the guy who did the study, Marcus Munafò said, "The people who had consumed a small amount of alcohol had a slightly rosier complexion. Rosiness is attractive because it characterizes good physical health characteristics."

Here is Lucy and I from the Third Street Brewhouse tapping of their RYE IPA last night at House Of Pizza.  These three pics are of us completely sober, one beer in, and two beers in (not in that order).  Can you tell which one is of us after only one beer?