It just blows me away that some people are unaware how the multi lane highway system works.  There are two lanes going each direction, right?   Is this so you have a choice of which lane to travel in?  If you answered yes, then it's imperative you read on.

Left lane is for passing only!  Very simple, you drive in the right lane and when you need to pass, you use the left lane and get back in the right lane asap!  Simple, right?  Well, every trip I make, I am constantly annoyed by the 'Left lane Cruiser'.   Depending on the day I am having, my suggested penalties range from a modest fine to making them exit their vehicle and setting it on fire, leaving the offender and his passengers standing on the roadside!

So, don't be a loser, don't be a left lane cruiser!

Joe Raedle, Getty Images