Elton clearly isn't in any hurry to get his new music on the shelves, which I think is a good thing. I would rather have to wait a few extra months for a great album then get my hands on it on time, only to find it's just OK.

'The Diving Board' is the title of Elton's latest project and his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin commented on his website that the new release date will be February 2013 "due to promotional time frames and related marketing opportunities..." Whatever that means, I'm not concerned, Elton has done this a few times, and I have no doubt he will do what's best for his music.

Speaking of Elton's success...He wrote the music for the Broadway musical 'The Lion King' which just became the all-time box office champ of New York theater. The show opened in 1997 and I had the pleasure of seeing it in Minneapolis that summer. It was one the most incredible shows I have ever seen, if you get the chance, I highly suggest it. If the epic musical keeps selling out shows, it won't be long before it's Broadways first billion dollar show. Currently cumulative ticket sales total more than $853 million. And you can be sure Elton John is making a pretty penny off that.